Miller, Roger LeRoy.

Economics today / Roger LeRoy Miller, Research Professor of Economics, University of Texas; Arlington. - 15TH Edition. - Boston Addison Wesley 2010 - 890 pages ; 29 cm

Includes index.

Introduction -- The nature of economics -- Scarcity and the world of trade offs -- Demand and supply -- Extensions of demand and supply analysis -- Public spending and public choice -- Funding the public sector -- Introduction to macroeconomics and economic growth -- The macroeconomy : unemployment, inflation and deflation -- Measuring the economy's performance -- Global economic growth and development -- Real GDP determination and fiscal policy -- Real GDP and the price level in the long run -- Classical and keynesian macro analyses -- Consumption, real GDP, and the multiplier -- Fiscal policy -- Deficit spending and the public debt -- Money, stabilization, and growth -- Money, banking and central banking -- Domestic and international dimensions of monetary policy -- Stabilization in an integrated world economy -- Policies and prospects for global economic growth -- Dimensions of microeconomics -- Demand and supply elasticity -- Consumer choice -- Rents, profits and the financial environment of business -- Market structure, resource allocation, and regulation -- The firm : cost and output determination -- Perfect competition -- Monopoly -- Monopolistic competition -- Regulation and antitrust policy in a globalized economy -- Labor resources and the environment -- The labor market: demand, supply and outsourcing -- Unions and labor market monopoly power -- Income, poverty and health care -- Environmental economics -- Global economics -- Comparative advantage and the open economy -- Exchange rates and the balance of payments -- Economics on the net -- Answers to quick quizzes -- Answers to odd-numbered problems -- Glossary -- Index.



HB171.5 / .M642 2010

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